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Home care has always been an essential element in maximising the benefit of your Salon treatment. Now more than ever, many of the face and body treatments available at The Teresa Knight Clinic are integral to a structured home-care regime.


All of our skin-care ranges most obviously contain cleansing, toning and moisturising products. But for certain skin types and conditions these products are directly linked to a treat and repair regime that in some cases may include supplements.

Maximise the benefits of your salon treatments

Tailoring your home care regimes to your needs

However, as we now have over 200 skin care products, for both the face and body, in stock we fully understand the complexity of choosing the correct products and regime for your needs.


If you would kindly indicate to the reception that you require some personal assistance when booking your appointment, or alternately, request a consultation, we will set aside an appointed period for the therapist to guide you through the suitability of certain products, ensuring you make the correct choice.


Therefore, should you be considering changing your personal skincare regime, our therapists would be most pleased to offer full and complete advice.

Skin care products available for your home care regime

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Maintain your face and body care treatments with a structured home care regime

Monu skin care products

Monu professional skin care products are designed to bring out the best in you, using the best of nature.


Enjoy unique formulations that utilise the special properties of pure, natural ingredients using plants and herbs, minerals and essential oils.


In creating our professional skincare, they harness the remarkable recuperative power of nature to soothe, nurture and protect your skin. Refresh your inner being with the range of naturally scientific skin care products.


And as you'd expect, no Monu formulation contains damaging chemicals, artificial perfumes, or synthetic colours; nor do they test them on animals.

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Mavala nail care products

Mavala is the world leader in nail care with a heritage spanning over 50 years. Created in 1958 by Madelaine Van Landeghem and with the introduction of Scientifique Nail Hardener which remains one our best selling products to date, Mavala is available globally in over 100 countries, with stockist ranging from small independent salons to large department stores.


Over the years Mavala has become synonymous with quality thanks to its specific and effective professional standard products. With categories including, nail, hand, feet, face and make-up, all created from rigorous research and manufactured in our Geneva factories to impeccable quality demands.

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Murad skin care products

Murad is a true dermatologist brand that began with prescription formulas developed by Dr. Murad to help his patients resolve their unrelenting skin conditions.


Over twenty years later, Murad products still feature clinical-strength ingredients blended into proprietary recipes that are so advanced, Dr. Murad and his product development team have been awarded eighteen unique dermatology-related patents.


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