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Electrolysis is a technique that permanently removes the hair from the root. Although a simple procedure, it requires a course of treatments for it to be successful.


Suited to smaller areas such as the under arm, bikini line or face, a fine probe is slid into the hair follicle and pulses are delivered which cauterizes the blood supply to the hair allowing it to be painlessly removed.

Remove unwanted hair, permanently

Hair removal performed by our experienced Electrolygist

Our competent Electrolygist gives a free initial consultation to assess your individual needs before commencement of the treatment. You can be assured that sterile disposable probes are used for each client and treatment.

Expert Electrolysis treatments performed throughout Totnes:

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Permanent hair removal with Electrolysis at

The Teresa Knight Clinic

Courses are available at a 10% discount

Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags are small growths of skin (droplets) sometimes pigmented and can be found on both men and woman in many areas of the body i.e. neck, underarm, waistline, bikini and breast area. They are harmless but for some people they may be unsightly and can be easily removed by the use of Short Wave Diathermy.

Red Vein Therapy

Red Vein removal on the face and small spider veins of the legs and body for both men and women. Having stood the test of time, the use of Short Wave Diathermy not only lacks the complications of Sclerotherapy and Lasers, but also offers good results on most skin complexions.


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