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We recognise that every body is beautiful and every body is different and our complete range of body treatments and services cater for all requirements.


Focusing on each area of the body we can help you de-stress for an hour with a luxurious massage; address any concerns through a range of firming, toning and cleansing treatments and even create the most natural looking tan with a leading manual tanning brand.

Relaxing treatments to de-stress your body

Classic Massage

A harmonious blend of Swedish, lymphatic drainage and acupressure techniques, custom tailored to suit your particular needs. Let your mind drift as we work to relax muscles, increase oxygen flow and release toxins from the muscles leaving you relaxed yet invigorated.


We can also provide:


• Full body massage

• Back, neck, face and shoulder massage

• Back, neck and shoulder massage


Aromatherapy home care preparations can be blended for your particular needs.

For relaxing massages and other body treatments, contact us on

01803 866 897

Stress Melter

A relaxing and therapeutic back massage incorporating massage of the foot reflexes.


Enjoy the Eastern art of Aromatherapy. Individually blended pure essential oils are the basis of this deeply relaxing face and body massage.


There has long been a theory that each body organ corresponds with a reflex point in the foot. Our therapist performs a pressure point massage to the reflexes, in order to establish the parts of the body that are out of balance and stimulate its own healing potential. Induces deep relaxation and equilibrium. Courses available.

Neck & Décolleté Treatment

Using Perfector’s unique micro-current technology to lift, firm & tone the neck & décolleté area. A vitamin C infusion is subsequently applied to reduce the signs of environmental damage/pigmentation. Dramatically improves hydration and texture, thus restoring a smoother, firmer look. Courses available.

Exfoliating Body Conditioning Treatment

An exfoliating sugar crystal scrub followed by a relaxing Aromatherapy massage and finished with an enriched body cream. Everything you need to condition your skin and body.

Murad Clarifying Enzyme Back Treatment

Excellent for acne prone skin. Reduces inflammation and redness, using clarifying cleansers and a natural fruit enzyme mask to exfoliate and decongest blocked pores. Includes a lymphatic back massage to drain toxins from the skin.

Perfector Body Treatment

Helps to firm, tone and revitalise areas of the body via micro-current technology. This treatment reduces puffiness by increasing lymph flow and speeding up the disposal of toxins. Additionally, it stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis, leaving the skin firmer and more elastic. Buttocks, thighs, stomach, breasts and arms, revitalised and tightened in any age group. Ideal for post natal & post diet. Courses available.  

Firm and Tone Professional Body Treatment

Improves the overall appearance of the skin by reducing the visible signs of cellulite and stretch marks, whilst increasing firmness and elasticity. The pure Vit C infusion restores firmness and elasticity by targeting the ‘dimpling’ trouble spots. Finished with a localised massage and medi -spa serum. Courses available.

Galvaderm Back Treatment

A unique treatment that purifies and oxygenates the pores. Speeds up cellular renewal using Galvanic and High Frequency electrotherapy.

Leg Care for Poor Circulation

Particularly for those who spend all day on their feet. The legs are treated with Aromatherapy oils, leg balm and are given a lymphatic drainage massage to reduce water retention and improve circulation.

Faradic Muscle Toning

A passive muscle exerciser. Tightens and tones muscles, helping to reduce inches. Especially beneficial for preventing flabbiness whilst on a diet. Courses available.

Slim Gel Body Wrap

Lose unwanted body inches in just one treatment! Detoxifies and mobilises fluids trapped within the fat tissues beneath the skin.  


Also available:


Standard Wrap (knee to chest)  

Full Wrap (full body)                      

Courses available

Sports, Injury, Health or Mobility problems?

thinkphysio is a professional in house clinic which deals with the management of patients with musculoskeletal problems. Medical professionals as well as professional sports men and women highly recommend our services.


Bella Foale BSc (hons) has clinical expertise is in the musculoskeletal field with specialist knowledge in rheumatology, hydrotherapy, orthopaedics and spinal conditions.

For more information, visit the thinkphysio website CTA

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Relax your body with our stress reducing treatments from The Teresa Knight Clinic

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